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Super Bowl Party Preparation!

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Are you hosting a Super Bowl Party this Sunday? Here are some tips to help make your celebration a success!


Room Prep:


Most people will be viewing the game in one room, which can mean bumped elbows, flying nachos and touch down spills. If you are worried about protecting your carpet, strategically place area rugs from around the home for added protection. If possible, move furniture to ensure everyone has a decent view of the TV or bring in additional throw pillows and floor cushions. Remove any fragile items, or non-essential furniture that could clutter up the space.


Food Station:


Create a space in another room for all of the food items you will be serving. This helps to make sure that the view of the game is unobstructed, and people can move and grab food freely. Most party stores carry football themed table cloths that can assure easy clean up once the game has ended! If using disposables, make sure plates are sturdy enough to hold heavy food items. Keep trash bags and paper towels close by!


Not sure what to serve on Super Bowl Sunday? Click here for recipe ideas!


Coolers, Buckets & Ice:


If space permits, place a few coolers or buckets filled with ice and drinks strategically around the viewing area. This will help keep guests out of the kitchen and leave more space for you to prep! Always buy more ice than you think you will need. This will ensure that drinks are kept cold and that ice is available for other beverages as needed.


We hope everyone has a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for this year?

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