Home Maintenance for the Month of March

Home Maintenance for the Month of March

Does anyone else have a strong case of spring fever? With spring right around the corner, and daylight saving time starting tomorrow, the following is a handy list of March home maintenance items to prepare for the season ahead. From indoor chores that can be done while the weather is still cool to outdoor yard maintenance here are some quick ways to spruce up and prepare your home for spring!

Check the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Daylight saving time is the perfect reminder to check the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. As you go about the house switching clock times, check and replace the batteries for both as needed. Some battery-operated devices have a limited lifespan, so swapping out old batteries for fresh ones is extremely important for the safety of your family and home.

Inspect and clean out dryer vent and ducts

Built-up dryer lint can be dangerous and cause house fires. Spring preparation is a great time to inspect the vent and ducts and clean out any accumulated dryer lint.

Drain the sediment from water heater tanks

For most standard water heaters, it is recommended that you partially drain the tank every 6 months. Sediment buildup can cause mechanical issues to your water heater. Partially draining the tank can help maintain your water heater and prevent any future problems or leaks.

Clean windows

Now is a great time to clean the inside of your windows. Dust off blinds and shades and check screens for rips and tears. Clean windowsills and launder drapery depending on washing instructions and material.

Prep and Clean Up the Yard

Winter can take a toll on your yard and surrounding outdoor spaces. Rake and remove any remaining leaves that have collected on the lawn or patio spaces. Pick up sticks, tree limbs and any other yard debris that has been strewn about the last few months. Refresh and clean up lawnmowers and any other garden tools that have been collecting dust during the winter season.

Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

Make sure the winter weather hasn’t caused any damage to your roofing. Look for any loose, missing or worn shingles. Now is also a good time to clean out your gutters. Removing all of that built-up debris will better prepare your gutter system for the large amount of rain we tend to experience during those first few months of spring

Service air conditioning unit to prepare for warm weather 

You should schedule maintenance for your AC unit at least once a year. Early spring is the best time to do this as it beats the summer rush when AC repair companies tend to be the busiest.

Treat for insects 

Insects will start to emerge in the early spring after a long winter. Spraying/treating your yard in early March will ensure it is being done while numbers are still low and will be more effective and longer lasting. This is also the time when eggs tend to hatch, so spraying early will help to prevent an infestation in your yard.  

Plan your garden

Are you an avid or aspiring vegetable gardener? Now is a great time to weed and clean up your garden beds in preparation for spring planting. It is also an excellent time to start seeding some varieties of vegetables indoors. Knowing the date of the last frost in your area and counting back about 4-6 weeks is a good rule of thumb when deciding when to start seeding.

There is something wonderful about the fresh air and new beginnings that starts as the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer. Our homes start to feel alive and fresh again with the hope of the spring to come. What are some spring chores that you tackle as we near the start of the season?

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