Spring into Action to Maintain Your Home!

Spring into Action to Maintain Your Home!

The sun is shining, the days are longer and the flowers are blooming! Spring has officially sprung! With warmer days ahead, now is a great time to inspect the exterior of your home and check on some of the below items when creating your spring "To Do" list:

Examine Roof

Scan your roof for any lifted or missing shingles to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape and to prevent any water from seeping in through those weak spots. The summer heat and sun can take a toll on your roof, so addressing any issues ahead of time is key.

Check Gutters

Check your downspouts to make sure there is no leftover debris from the fall and winter months. Make sure water is draining away from the home to prevent any flooding and water damage near the home. Repair any loose or leaky gutters.

Inspect the Attic

Time to check for critters and leaks! Inspect your attic to make sure that no animals have moved in during the winter months. Scan for any evidence of roof leaks or wet insulation.

Inspect Outside Faucets

Inspect outside faucets for any freeze damage that may have occurred to the pipes during the winter months. This is also a good time to check garden hoses for any damage that may have occurred and replace them if necessary.

Check Windows

As the temperature outside heats up, you want to make sure you are keeping the cool air from the AC in! Check the caulking and weather stripping of your windows and repair any issues before those sweltering temps hit!

Repair Window Screens

Scan your screens to identify any rips or tears that may have occurred. Repair or replace if necessary.

Service the AC Unit

A well-kept AC unit will run more efficiently and be on its best behavior! Start the spring season by having your trusted HVAC company take a look and make sure everything is working properly and effectively!


Rake any leftover leaves, sticks or other debris that may have been leftover from the fall and winter months.

Decks and Patios

Check the deck or patio for any loose or broken pieces. Sweep away leftover leaves and any other debris that may have accumulated. Inspect the stain and sealing. If your deck needs to be re-stained or re-sealed, now is the time to tackle that task!

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