Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Our team is sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes that we will surely be enjoying tomorrow for the holiday! Do you have a favorite holiday recipe? Send it over to [email protected] and we will share with our Cap Z Homes family on social media!

Zabrine Watson: "Tik Tok Mac & Cheese"

I have just recently been taught the magic that is "Food Tik Tok" by my neice Ashleigh. This mac and cheese recipe has quickly become my favorite and I will be cooking it for my husband and I tomorrow! Zak is usually not a mac and cheese fan, but he went back for seconds when Ashleigh made this, so I promise it's a good one! We replaced the elbow macaroni with cavatappi noodles.

>>>>>> Tik Tok Mac & Cheese Recipe <<<<<<

Laura: Sweet & Savory Bacon Puff Pastry Twists 

I always like to have appetizers to snack on and make a different appetizer every year! I love any recipe from Half Baked Harvest and will be trying out these sweet and savory cheesy bacon puff pastry twists this year!

>>>>>> Sweet and Savory Bacon Puff Pastry Twists Recipe <<<<<< 

Holly: Green Bean Casserole 

My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is one that my husband Jeff's mother gave me! This recipe from Southern Bite is very similar to what we make every year and looks just as delicious!

>>>> >>Ultimate Green Bean Casserole Recipe <<<<<<

Lucy: Skinny Corn Casserole 

This skinny corn casserole is literally the best there is! It's a healthier version of the usual corn casserole recipes that you see, which is always an added bonus! I am definitely looking forward to whipping this one up in the kitchen tomorrow with my husband Colin!

>>>>>> Skinny Corn Casserole Recipe <<<<<<

Jessica (JJ): Pumpkin Cheesecake Lasagna 

My boyfriend Ben and I have absolutely no shame in our sweets game. We made this for the first time around Halloween and it will DEFINITELY be making an appearance at my table tomorrow. I have Celiac Disease, so this is an easy one to make gluten free substitutions with.

>>>>>> Pumpkin Cheesecake Lasagna Recipe <<<<<< 

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